A Gourd Festival?

      Wuertz Farm's "Running of the Gourds" is an incredible annual event held at the Pinal Fairgrounds   and Events Center.  It's a festival that is hard to put into words.  It features over 100 amazing gourd   vendors selling unique one-of-kind masterpieces crafted from this versatile fruit.  From crafty, to   functional, to extreme fine art, you will see it all.

      When you enter the fairgrounds, you are welcomed with a large display of whimsical and seasonal   gourds.  These displays are set out to provide ideas, photo opportunities and an overall bright start   for what's to come. 

      At the end of the displays, you will be welcomed into "Kindergourden", an educational experience   teaching you the ABC's about gourds you probably didn't know. 

      As you venture further into the fairgrounds you will see the gourd shopping area which houses over   50,000 dried gourds. Here you will be able to look through over 30 different varieties of gourds and   hand select the perfect gourds to purchase for your unique creations.

      As you shop for gourds you will start to smell the aroma of the many food vendors that are there to   provide you with their culinary treats. 

      Next, take a stroll through Building #2 which holds a judged gourd competition hosted by the   Arizona Gourd Society. Artists enter their gourd art into an array of categories to be judged and   awarded ribbons.  The Arizona Gourd Society also offers various chances of winning a piece of art.  You   can also have a say in the judging by voting for the "people's choice" award. Click Here for more   information on the judged show.

      In the vendor building you will find row after row of vendors selling their amazing masterpieces. You   will see artwork ranging from a few dollars, all the way up to several thousand dollars. From crafty to   extreme fine art, you will see it all.

      Throughout most of the festival you will also be entertained by an array of entertainers such as   musicians, "Gourd Washington" on his noble steed, Polynesian dancers and "Flash Gourden."

      Saturday afternoon is a special time at the festival as we have the Gourdster Race. This race   features mini cars made from gourds that resemble the pinewood derby races that boy scouts have.   This race is fun and comical and also has a prize of $100 to the fastest gourd car. Car kits are purchased   from Wuertz Gourd farm prior to the race and built before the festival begins. Click Hereto purchase a   Car Kit.  

      Gourd classes are also offered. Classes are scheduled during all three days of the festival as well as   the Thursday before the festival begins. In these classes you can learn the techniques needed to work   on gourds. Registration begins online around the middle of December at www.wuertzfarm.com.  A   preview of the classes offered will be emailed two days prior to registration to all those on our email list.   Send us an email at wuertzfarm@wuertzfarm.com to be placed on our email list.

      Not sure where to stay? Why not stay on the grounds!  The Pinal Fairgrounds also offers RV Parking.   Camping not your thing?  No problem, we recommend the Holiday Inn Express, the Comfort Inn and the   new Best Westen just down the road in Casa Grande.  

     Have a Question? We are here to help! 

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